II. hybrid organic-inorganic 2D materials

We are interested in transport behaviors (e.g., electrons, ions, phonons, etc.) in hybrid organic-inorganic 2D heterostructures. The hybrid heterostructures will be made by the layer-by-layer assembly of inorganic 2D materials (e.g., graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides) and 2D organic monolayers (e.g., 2DPs and 2D molecular crystals). The inorganic layers and organic layers have distinct properties and structures. Thus, integrating such heterostructures enable tremendous tunability of material functions. We will use nanoscale imaging techniques, such as TEM and scanning probe microscopy, to conduct operando measurements to study the structure-property relationships and transport behaviors. These hybrid heterostructures will be used in optical, electronic, electrochemical and, heat-managing devices.